Costa Rica


The General Concept

We are ushering in a beneficial and positive project to Costa Rica. For the first time, Costa Rica will bear testimony to its first commercial winery, located in its center, in the small town of Copey, south of San Jose.


Situated at an altitude of almost 2000 meters/6560 feet, Copey makes for cleaner, cooler air, high radiation sunny days and cool nights, which are optimal for a beautifully balanced development of sugars, polyphenols, color, acids, and flavors.


Costa Rica’s agriculture is governed by an environmental and biodiversity policy, and the wine industry is particularly clean and green. It does not emit harmful fumes or create water pollution. It echoes handsomely with the nature preservation heritage and general attributes of the country.


Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator creates year-round tropical weather. It is not ideal for natural grape cultivation. However, the high altitude of the Talamanca Mountains brings about a unique micro-climate, which compensates for the humidity experienced elsewhere in the country.


The soil is unique – an abundance of rocks, minerals, and natural spring water. Together with Californian scientists, we planted the appropriate rootstocks and clones to match the environment. We also worked together to learn how and when to prune and imitate dormancy in order to create grapes of the highest quality. We believe we can do it. We know we can do it.


35,000 vines were planted on a plot of 20 hectares/50 acres. We employ the finest, most sophisticated state of the art agricultural practices in winemaking. Our irrigation systems are the most advanced and our vines receive the best nutrition available.


We have planted early ripening varieties, to be grown and harvested in the dry season (December to April). Our varieties include Syrah, Grenache, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc. In addition, we are experimenting with numerous other varieties.


We are extremely happy; but not satisfied. Our goal is to grow grapes of a superb quality. We need top quality grapes in order to produce exceptional wines. We are committed to excellence. It is not a matter of if, but of when. Stay tuned…