What came naturally to Niv Benyehuda when he took an interest in wines, was his astute ability to discern their varied flavors with a simple smell or taste. In line with his pursuit of excellence, he accumulated all the knowledge he could of wines and winemaking.

Inspired by his father, Israel Benyehuda, Niv is the second generation in the fragrance, flavor and taste industry. With his 25 years’ experience and keen sense of purpose, he understood that wine would be the heart of his next project.


Working alongside Niv is his wife and soulmate, Costa Rican-born artist, Karen Retana Benyehuda.  Karen’s love of nature, her appreciation of beauty, the simple wonder that life awakens within her, have all been an inspiration to him. Together they have gone ahead, contributing to enhance people’s lives the world over.


The idea was to produce wines in Costa Rica for the very first time; to yield an exceptional grape in an area ever untouched by vines. The flawless surroundings, the crisp, clear air of the mountains of Copey, 2500m / 7500 feet above sea level, smelt right. It felt right. Every nook and cranny, stone and crevice, beckoned to Niv to give back to the country that had provided him with meaning to his life through his wife, Karen.


A piece of land, with a 500 meter / 1640 foot difference in altitude from top to bottom, and an area of 250 acres / 100 hectares, had overcome generations of people who had fruitlessly tried their hands at growing crops on the rugged terrain.


On one of the Benyehudas’ countless visits to the area, caretaker Rolando Serrano, whose great-grandfather had owned the property, showed them the one plant that had thrived. Planted 20 years earlier by the owner who had overestimated the ease of cultivating such a crop, this plant remained a hardy survivor. Despite Rolando’s efforts to eliminate the plant, it persevered and continuously rejuvenated itself. The sight of the plant stopped them in their tracks, for there it stood, deeply embedded in the ground: a solitary grapevine.


3 Corners Brand

After years of scrupulously searching and researching for his mother winery, Niv’s allure drew him to leading Californian wine expert, Kerry Damskey. In addition to Niv’s vision of doing what no man had ever done before – conceiving of and creating the dawn of Costa Rican wines – his first meeting with Kerry Damskey resulted in the creation of his brand, a new concept of producing superior wines in three different corners of the world.

One winemaker, one winemaking style, and three vastly distinct terroirs produce these unique wines.


Thus transpired the birth of 3 Corners – One Vision; One Winemaker; Three Terroirs.


Joining the remarkable partnership were Phil Coturri, a passionate replicas relojes viticulturist from California, as well as Israelis Nir Shaham, a brilliant, driven winemaking instructor and Eran Raz, a pioneer in desert cultivation. In Costa Rica, the amazing Rolando Serrano with a second to none knowledge of, and a profound, deep-rooted connection to the landscape of Copey, continues to be party to the running of the Copey winery and the ensuing vision of 3 Corners.


Utilisation of biodiversity farming principles, the powerful bonds forged between Niv and his partners and the atmosphere of calm that ensues between the vineyard employees all ensure the unique quality that prevails throughout the process, from the cultivation of the grapes to the production of the wines.


Our story is the realization of a concept; a story of giving and dedication; of challenge and worth; of friendship and love; of art and nature; of perseverance; of cooperation; of living. All these elements and attributes, create this remarkable story in a bottle.