Artist and nature lover Karen Retana was born in Costa Rica.
At the age of 16 she embarked on her artistic journey, beginning with the exploration of the techniques of drawing and color in different mediums. Hand in hand with painting is her love for photography, and since childhood she has been capturing many images that later transformed into paintings.


In the later years, her professional career in the tourist industry allowed for considerable contact with nature, capturing magical moments that inspired her artistic skills.


In 2003 Karen established her own gallery and studio in Florida, and on her travels around the world with her husband, Niv Benyehuda, accumulated more beautiful scenes for future paintings, as well as developing the mutual love they have for wine.



Niv, married to Costa Rican artist, Karen Retana Benyehuda, and father of Lee, Ben, and Dean grew up on the gentle shores of the warm Mediterranean Sea.


Born in Israel in 1966, Niv is a second generation in the flavor and fragrance industry. He spent much time with his father, Israel Benyehuda, who exposed him to the various cultures, smells, and flavors worldwide, which Niv enthusiastically embraced.


After moving to the USA to complete his studies, Niv undoubtedly found his familiar niche in the flavor and fragrance industry. He eventually established his own flavor and fragrance companies there and around the world.

Niv’s love for wine was born from his highly tuned skill that he developed through dedication and perseverance. He gradually came to the realization that wine is so much more than an alcoholic beverage. It is a culture; an art. A truly excellent wine is a product of the skilled and accomplished, of the proficient and gifted; it is a creation by the artist and the scientist, the master of the vineyard and the winery.


His perception and appreciation of wine and winemaking deepened into a love for the concept and artistry of wine and winemaking. Thus began Niv’s deep-seated interest in wine and the commencement of many years of study and research.


The fusion of Niv’s expertise in discerning flavors, requiring both scientific and artistic skill, together with Karen’s creativity, results in a flawless accomplishment – the wine they produce. And what better expression than wine, in painting the portrait of Niv’s and Karen’s lives together?


Niv’s quest is to devote his life to producing superb wine in all three of his home countries – Israel, Costa Rica and the USA, and to deliver marvelous stories in bottles to wine lovers around the world.