The People


Winemaker and owner of “Soreq Winery Winemaking School”.

Soreq winery is settled in a valley between the Jerusalem heights and the Yehuda plains. The winery was founded in 1994 by the Shaham family and is one of the first boutique wineries established in Israel’s modern times.


Soreq Winery receives grapes from 7 different vineyards, throughout four different cultivation areas in Israel: the Upper Galilee Heights in the north, the Yehuda plains area, south of Jerusalem, and the Negev Desert in the south.


The wines produced in Soreq winery express the qualities of the areas’ characteristics. These wines are endowed with outstanding flavors and textures, originating from the grapes themselves, and from the technology which extracts the richest flavors from the fruit.


Soreq winery operates a professional winemaking school, of which its goals are to educate and teach winemaking theory and practice.

Soreq school students enjoy an educational, hands-on environment, being part of all the winery’s processes.


There are 150 Home & Boutique Wineries to date in Israel which were founded by students of the Soreq Winery Winemaking School.

“Winemaking, oenology and teaching people about wine and its wonders are almost all my occupations. I am thankful for the opportunity to discover the richness and the profound joy of working with wine.  Wine brings joy, love, and curiosity, teaches respect and modesty… opens hearts and connects them.”