Costa Rica

The People


Born in 1966 and raised in Copey, Rolando has lived in this mountainous region of Costa Rica all his life.


He grew up at one with the land, working the family agricultural fields.
The land was eventually sold to investors, and ultimately to one who undertook farming blackberries, with Rolando managing the farm and the business. Following fruitless efforts to make a success of the blackberries, Rolando established his own carpentry business which continued for many successful years.


Upon Niv’s purchase of the property, Rolando, on account of his management expertise and rich connection to the land, was offered the position of farm manager. After much hesitation and a lengthy conversation, he accepted and immediately forged his status as a crucial figure in the quality and success of this extraordinary vineyard.


At the deft hands of Phil Coturri, Rolando learned the practice and art of viticulture and spent time in the Californian vineyards. Today he heads all vineyard projects and developments in Copey.